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Shoes Of Wisdom aims to educate, develop and mentor a boy-child through mediums of sports and arts. We groom him to be a game changer and force for good in his community while relating with and complementing the independent girl-child.


Ayanda Kubheka, Miss Tembisa 2003 and former Miss South Africa & Miss South Africa Teen Manager. Ayanda is a passionate Child Counselor, Social Entrepreneur, Educator and Creative.

Amongst her many accolades, her former employer Lynne Scullard shared a testimonial about Ayanda, which read; “Ayanda has done some serious moving and shaking. Amongst her many other successes she proved that she could get the Department of Social Development to give more money than we expected and also managed to mould their requirements into ours without disrupting the centre and its purpose. I love watching Ayanda continuously grow from knowing nothing about the centre to what she knows now in 2 short years. I love seeing how she promotes the centre wherever we are. I love her passion, enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge.”

The late, John Lesiba Moshoeu became affectionately named and known as "Shoes"; he was an intellect, international professional footballer, life coach and football coach, businessman, motivational speaker and philanthropist. John had strong opinions and principles and was never swayed by convention. "Shoes" was the ambassador of Es’kia Institute 2005 and featured in Prof. Es’kia Mphahlele’s book titled “A Lasting Tribute.” He was also the ambassador of the National Library of South African’s initiative called “Read”. "Shoes" was the key factor in South Africa and Turkish's finest footballing achievements and his football career spans over two and a half decades, served as captain at several clubs and displayed graceful leadership at all times.


The name of the organisation "Shoes Of Wisdom" was how Ayanda described John's character and impact he made in her life. She was merely expressing her gratitude to him for his inspiring character, outlook on life, knowledge he shared and the wisdom that he imparted to her and the community at large. When the gesture was well received by John, it became fitting to give the organisation the name Shoes Of Wisdom which now contributes immensely to keeping his legacy alive.

When Ayanda was the Manager of a children's centre in Soweto. “Shoes” Moshoeu offered his support and in the process developed interest in working with the children at the centre. He became a sponsor who later humbly accepted a Patronage role. Their love and care for children in general, lead them to supporting child headed house-holds outside the centre.

During that period "Shoes" and Ayanda participated in an initiative that was promoted by the centre, whereby an adult supported a child financially to meet his/her direct needs. Through this initiative they supported 2 children.

A few months later, supporting the children through the initiative fell through the cracks when they agreed that solely making a financial contribution was not sufficient. Therefore, after spending more time getting to know the children, they established a stronger bond thus leading them to take on a formal parental role to the two children.

The journey inspired the implanting of the Shoes of Wisdom seed. 5 March 2013 Shoes of Wisdom was formally established. The aim was to create a platform where the children would get involved in the process of finding ways that would impact a positive outlook on their lives and that of others.

In the year 2014 and 2015 when “Shoes” fell ill and later passed away, Shoes of Wisdom was brought to a complete halt.

In September 2016 following her engagement with the Moshoeu family and receiving their blessings; Ayanda wore her Patronage hat and resumed from where they left off. Her focus was to go back to why they started; understand the foundation’s niche, putting governance structures in place and healing, although it is ongoing.

In November 2016, SOW hosted an event to commemorate the late "Shoes" Moshoeu and create a platform for healing to fans and supporters affected by his passing. Even though the direction that the organisation was taking was still unclear the support received from the footballers, overall participants and the sponsor, Edenvale Action Soccer was humbling and needed.

In February 2017 work continued with minimal resources as SOW was officially launched at it's 1st SOW Social Entrepreneurship in Sports and Arts workshop which was attended by 20 social entrepreneurs that are in the sports & arts sectors and the media. A fruitful partnership was formed with Turquoise Harmony Institute and our guest speakers; Bulelani Balabala a Brand Strategist, Thapelo Rapoo an Entrepreneur, Bella Ngwenya a Businesswoman & Facilitator and Dikgang Mabalane, 1st Ambassador of SOL (Seed of Love) SOW's primary program; the mentorship of the boy child.

On the 21st of April 2017 saw us visit the Charlotte Maxeke General Hospital to pay respect to our departed co-founder, JL Moshoeu. During the visit we spread the spirit of goodwill by presenting the patients with white roses courtesy of The Flower Market in Centurion.

The goals for the year 2018 are to rebrand the organisation, promote the Mo-Shoes-4-U campaign which focuses on collecting “911Shoes” and “Reading & Storytelling through sports”. DV8 Technology Group took us under their wing and helps us reach our goals.

Our Vision

To sow seeds of wisdom.

Our Mission

To use sports and arts as the vehicle to help children realise their worth and potiential for obtaining optimal living.

With every deed you are sowing a seed, though the harvest you may not see

Ella Wheeler

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