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Sseisaa WorkShop

SOW Social Entrepreneurship in Sports and Arts “SSEISAA” Workshop is intended to share knowledge that will broaden the entrepreneur’s horizon and challenge the ordinary ways of growing an organisation. The workshop is targeted at sports and arts enthusiasts with interest in the business of social services and development.

Spread The Light (21 APR)

In loving memory of John Lesiba “Shoes” Moshoeu who was an international football maestro and co-founder of Shoes of Wisdom, on the 21st of April we wear white as a symbol of spreading the spirit of goodwill. (“Shoes” favourite colour was white and his name “John Lesiba Moshoeu” translated means the gracious white feather). At 15:00 we observe a moment of silence for JL Moshoeu. 15:00 is an hour when Moshoeu took his last breath on Tue, 21 April 2015.

Sow Family Day (26 AUG)

It takes a village to bring up the boychild is echoed through activities that remind the boy-child that he matters.

Mo-Shoes-4-U (9 NOV - 21 APR)

The campaign under the themes "911Shoes" and "ReadingThroughSports" aims to collaborate with like-minded individuals and/or organisations for the purpose of combating social ills on a broader scale. The campaign has 2 noteworthy elements to it; 1st: to collect at least 911 pairs of school and sports shoes for underprivileged children that are based in the rural areas, where most help needed to alleviate poverty is scarce. 2nd: to strengthen, promote and celebrate the culture of reading and storytelling through sports. During this period, various educational activities in sports and arts are hosted by the foundation and the friends of the foundation to help raise awareness about the campaign.

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant

Robert Lewis Stevenson

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