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SEED OF LOVE is the foundation's primary program, it is a mentorship program for boys (age 6-18 years) who seek guidance on improving and/or changing their approach on life. A subject that is fundamental to the developing society and an area where the SOW legacy disciplines are fostered and taught at length. The program is led by professionals in the social welfare, education, sports, arts culture and recreation and/or business sector.

Under the primary program, SOW hosts 2 initiatives  Mo-Shoes-4-U and SOW Social Entrepreneurship in Sports and Arts "SSEISAA" Workshop that are designed to empower the boy child and create awareness on various topics that are within our scope. 


The ultimate goal for the program is to groom the boy-child to be a game changer and force for good in his community while relating with and complementing the independent girl-child.



Rebrand our society by reintroduction the "boy child" who has an aspiring and inspiring outlook on life. (Gentleman)
Groom a motivator of positive action and game changer

(knowledgeable, role model and leader)

Build a strong support base for the boy child

(brotherhood and ability to relate with a girl child)

Unearth a present, educated, caring and loving parent.

(being present and in touch with his emotions)


"SOW" registers a group of boy children to participate in the program for a period of a year. The syllabus encompasses psycho-social support and life-skills lessons that are facilitated by experts in different fields. At the end of the cycle deserving individuals are presented with the honorary "Blazer", a symbol of a new journey that  strongly encourages and supports the boy child to acquire an academic education and take on a community development project.

The extended program runs at a camp site outside of their comfort zone. Traveling away from one's usual surrounding has great benefits for the individual, benefits such as;


  • Stimulates the mind
  • Enhances creativity
  • Relieves stress and boosts mental health
  • Shifts perspective
  • Increases connection to others and self
  • Promotes physical activity

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