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Our Mission

To heed the call of mentoring, coaching, counseling, empowering and upskilling boy children in South Africa to be game changers and distinguished future leaders;

To provide the tools that they need to write and action their own successful life's blueprint;

To use play and creativity as fun ways of learning and establishing strong social bonds and facilitate the transfer of critical skills and knowledge; and

To further encourage a gender based violence free community.

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Our Vision

To sow seeds of wisdom.

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Our Core Values

The SOW Legacy Disciplines:

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The Legacy Of Consciousness

Knowing, understanding and celebrating your uniqueness. Being aware of your surroundings.

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The Legacy Of Self-Development

Bettering yourself is an investment to the children, improves the organisation and grows the economy.

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The Legacy Of Humanity & Integrity

The quality of being humane rubs off on others. Having a moral compass that does not waver.

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The Legacy Of Discipline & Respect

Having self control and due regard for someone's feelings, wishes and rights.

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The Legacy Of Sports, Arts & Wellness

Being in touch with your mind, body and soul. Maintain a positive attitude.

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The Legacy Of Goodwill

Pay it forward. Be a gracious & courteous giver.

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The Legacy Of Knowledge & Wisdom

Being able to accumulate facts and information. Having the ability to make correct judgement and decisions.

"Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand."

African Proverb